Reaching out to help others dealing with the loss of a loved one

I never thought I would find myself in this position, grieving the loss of my husband. I never thought I would want to create this website, for people going through any kind of loss and living with grief. My goal for this online community, is we become friends, and support for each other, and a part of a community of people going through their own grief journey. All our stories are different on loss and how each person handles grief, but by telling our stories and offering help from your experiences and receiving help from someone else’s journey, is what our community is about.

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Since my husband passed away unexpectedly, I have read many books, website articles, gone to grief groups at church and outside of church, as well as to one-on-one counseling. What I learned from trying all of these things is everyone deals with grief differently and in their own way! Grief may be the hardest thing I will ever go through, but I am getting through it, one day at a time. The journey cannot be done alone (and in my opinion), without God. Reading a book or a website about grief can be very helpful and provide you with useful information to move forward. However, it is a lonely way to get through your grief. I enjoy the group sessions at my church because I’ve been going long enough to know a few of the other participants.  The group grows larger each session, but that is more one more person that needs your story and you need theirs.  If there is one thing I have learned for sure, is that someone you love, has died, is dieing or will die sometime in your life.

Writing Love Letters started as a way for me to write my feelings down so that I could try to understand a particular feeling I was having at the time. I did this everyday as if it were my journal. I’ve never been a very good journaler and have many empty notebooks and many with the first 1 to 10 pages written on and the rest blank, because I give up on it. Then in one of our GriefShare sessions, the leader suggested to write love letters to your loved one in a journal. I started that and immediately and Ithese love letters to Ralph, my husband, became my journal. It felt very personal to address my husband and tell him how my day went or what was coming up. It is so personal that I feel like he is listening to me.  I love writing letters to him because if he were still here with me on earth, I would be telling him these things anyway.  Of course, I’m sure that he already knows all of the things I write to him about, way before I write the letter to him. I have made it through a whole year of writing love letters to Ralph–365 days. He’s probably saying, alright already, but I’m hooked now.

Next Steps…

Join and become one of our Community members. You don’t have to go to a counselor, or pastor for one-on-one counseling, or even a group session, if that is not your thing. Though you can have many people going through the same things you are experiencing,  listening to you, talking to you, supporting you but in the privacy of your own home.  I have come to realize that a lot of grieving people do not want to be in a room full of other grieving people. They are scared, as I was when I first started. I didn’t want to tell how my husband had died over and over each week. I thought all these sad people will just make me cry and i would be even more sad. But it is the other way for me. I feel like when someone is having a bad day or feeling sad or overwhelmed, lonely, etc, that I can offer my experience and my story and just maybe it will help them. Yes there is going to be crying and sadness, of course, that comes with the grief journey,  but there is joy and laughter too when we talk about the things we are all going through. It is also so easy to talk to other people that are going through the same thing you are. I feel very connected to every person in the community.

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