Hi Honey,

Happy Easter to you! I went to The Kinder Bible church with mom and dad this morning. It was such a good service and we all got to see people we haven’t seen in years. You would have loved the service but hated that we stood around for half an hour talking to people and relatives.

For the first time in my life, I heard Resurrection Sunday more than I heard Easter Sunday. I know that is because of you dieing, I have become so much more involved in the Word, the Glory of God and my faith is so much stronger than before. If I did not believe that God has my back on this and everything, then I would not be able to get through this. Obviously this is part of God’s plan because I lost you, but my faith got stronger. Believe me I got angry and I got mad over this past year, but God didn’t let me down. I got through it. I don’t know how people that do not believe in God and trust him, get through a horrible time such as losing a husband or a loved one. The Grief is unbearable but I know he is going to get me through it.

So I realized why I don’t like to go on trips so much anymore–well actually it seems like I’m going somewhere all the time, but it is always sad when I am not able to call you when I get there. You know you always asked me to call to make sure I made it safely. I also miss waiting for you to call me every night to tell me goodnight and sometimes you would call in the morning just to say good morning. I knew you missed me when I was away from you. I still laugh when I think about the times you would call me, before I was even out of Bastrop and say “when you coming home”?

In reality, I know the hardest part of traveling now is coming home to the empty house. It still takes my breath away when I come down the driveway and you aren’t sitting in your chair, waiting anxiously for me. You would always help me unload the car and let the dogs jump on me before you gave me a big ole hug and smooch and say “I’m so glad you are home! We missed you”.

Other than that, I had a very enjoyable Easter weekend, even though withOUT you. I love you so much!